Friday, December 23, 2011

Cyveillance accessing, downloading all RMEW pages

Since 7:01 am yesterday, Cyveillance has been systematically accessing and downloading all of our web pages via spiders.  The company bills itself as the "world leader in cyber intelligence" monitoring the internet to provide "advanced warning of company-specific threats", and as this article suggests, engages in surveillance on behalf of many Fortune 50 companies.

Hi guys and welcome!  Say hello to James and Alix for us.

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  1. This company has it's tentacles everywhere. I posted a video on youtube about the Royal Bank of Scotland and shortly afterwards Cyveillance bots started sniffing around my website. I have a little politics and mostly haberdashery. Maybe they want good skirt patterns or something. Very unpleasant to know these thugs are out there.