Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reuters reports on Palestinian flag raising at UNESCO, forgets a little something

In a story on UNESCO raising the Palestinian flag at a Paris ceremony signifying entry of the ersatz state of "Palestine" into the cultural organization, Reuters correspondent John Irish describes the purported rationale for the Palestinian application:
Some 50 diplomatic guests watched as Abbas lifted the flag to the Palestinian national anthem and said he hoped UNESCO's move was the beginning of international recognition for Palestine. The Palestinian national anthem played as a morning of biting wind and rain gave way to a burst of sunshine.
"It is moving to see our flag raised and for it to be flying in this beautiful city of Paris among all the other states. This bodes well for Palestine becoming a member of other international institutions," Abbas said.
"We hope we will have one independent state in the future that will live side by side with Israel," he said.
Oops!  Apparently, Abbas forgot to include the ever-present obligatory modifier, "side by side in peace with Israel".  An oversight, we're sure.

And Irish fails to mention the genuine reason the Palestinians wish to be a part of UNESCO: so they can prevent Jews from praying at holy sites which they (the Palestinians) will likely control.

Irish does however, attempt to characterize and isolate Israel and the United States as the (only) two nations opposed to the Palestinian attempt to gain statehood without negotiating a peace treaty:
The UNESCO vote was a diplomatic victory for Abbas, who in the absence of peace talks with the Jewish state has pushed for recognition of a Palestinian state at the United Nations, a move opposed by Israel and the United States. [...]
Israel and its main ally the United States insist that only a peace treaty can establish a universally recognized Palestinian state. But the Palestinians say they have been patient through 20 years of futile talks. [...]
Abbas, who still wants a U.N. Security Council vote on a resolution for a Palestinian state even though it is destined to fail because of a U.S. veto, was to meet President Nicolas Sarkozy later Tuesday.
That the Palestinians haven't a hope in hell of winning the requisite nine votes in the UN Security Council due to opposition from other nations, like Britain, France, Germany, Portugal, Bosnia and Colombia, fails to warrant a mention by Irish. 

Nor does the fact that the entire European Union has come out against Palestinian unilateralism, appear to be in Irish's notebook.

As an anti-Israel propagandist, it's always most effective to frame the contest as one of: Israel and America versus The World.

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