Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pathological liars@Reuters

Several Palestinian rockets were fired into Israel over the past 24 hours.  As usual, Reuters refused to report on this -- until Israel struck back:
(Reuters) - An Israeli air strike on the Gaza Strip killed a Palestinian civilian Sunday, hospital officials said, and the military described the operation as retaliation for a cross-border rocket launch.
Then comes the bald-faced lie Nidal al-Mughrabi and his colleagues at Reuters have been repeating for years now: 
Hamas, Gaza's ruling Islamist movement, has tried to rein in attacks on Israel as it seeks political accommodation with its secular Palestinian rivals. But violence has continued sporadically, often going unclaimed.
Over 700 rockets and mortars fired into Israel by Palestinian terrorists in 2011.  Many claimed by Hamas itself.
What do they teach these guys at Reuters school?

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  1. This time I think you're being unduly harsh on them. The reason they don't report on the rockets is that they are routine occurrences, not news.