Monday, February 20, 2012

Reuters quick to report, blame Jews for vandalism. No word on daily Arab vandalism

When anti-Arab or anti-Christian graffiti is spray-painted in Israel, Reuters correspondents leap to their keyboards to report it, alleging vandalism by Jewish settlers.  While no one has been arrested for the graffiti and there is evidence that in a previous incident reported by Reuters, it was actually an Arab villager that did the defacing (to incriminate settlers), the propagandists at Reuters continue to highlight these property crimes so as to demonize Jews in the eyes of the public.

After all, everyone knows that the words "price tag" can only be inscribed by Jews.

By contrast, Reuters fails miserably to report on the daily Arab vandalism and desecration of Jewish property, including that taking place at the oldest and most revered of Jewish cemeteries, the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Demonstrating, that for Reuters, there is no news value in stories of dogs biting men.

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