Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Does Jeffrey Heller dream of electric settlements?

Jeffrey Heller is a Middle East correspondent and editor for Reuters.  According to the bio on Reuters' "Journalist Profiles" website, Heller:

joined Reuters from United Press International in Tel Aviv in 1984 and transferred to London in 1987. He returned to the Middle East in 1992 as a senior sub-editor on the Middle East and Africa desk before taking up a post as correspondent, Jerusalem a year later. He is currently editor-in-charge in the Jerusalem bureau.

Inputting the search terms, "Reuters Jeffrey Heller Jewish settlement" to the Google search engine yields 105,000 results.  Substituting "Israeli" for "Jewish" in the above search yields another 87,200 results.  That's a total of nearly 200,000 references during Heller's approximately 20 year stint reporting for Reuters on all matters Israeli.  Over 26 references, on average, per day.

Now, we understand that Reuters is, along with Associated Press, one of the two largest news agencies in the world and consequently, its articles are purchased and published by scores of other media organizations and cited by many others online.  Thus, a simple search on Google contains many iterations of the same story.

Still, given his obvious obsession with Jews living on land granted them per international law and resolutions, we wonder how Heller sleeps at night.

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