Monday, November 23, 2009

Sporadic skewed reporting

Reuters correspondents love to play down Palestinian terror attacks (when reported at all) and their favorite Orwellian adjective to minimize describe rocket attacks from Gaza -- over 250 of which have been launched since the war ended in January -- is "sporadic".  On Saturday, Israel responded to one of these attacks and true to form, Reuters seeks to downplay Palestinian efforts to murder Israeli civilians:
The [Israeli] attacks occurred one day after Hamas said it had reached an agreement with smaller armed groups in the territory to halt sporadic rocket fire toward Israel, which often responds with air strikes.
And, a few paragraphs down, again:
The Israeli military usually responds to sporadic rocket attacks by launching air strikes against tunnels under the Egyptian border used to smuggle goods and weapons into Gaza.
Since Reuters rarely reports on the effects of these "sporadic" rocket attacks, we think a reminder is in order:

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