Sunday, November 29, 2009

Why is this thing unlike the other?

In previous posts, we note Reuters repeated use of the racist misnomer "Arab East Jerusalem" to describe the eastern portion of the city.  The term originated over the period 1949 -- 1967 following the Arab Legion's conquest of the area and accompanying ethnic cleansing of thousands of Jews living there.  Today, approximately 42% of the population of the eastern part of the city is Jewish, yet Reuters continues to refer to the area with an inaccurate, anachronistic, and racist tag in a transparent effort to assign Title to the Arabs.

In a story on protests by secular and ultra-Orthodox Jews over the question of whether Israeli businesses should be allowed to open on the Jewish sabbath, Reuters writes:
Police said there was no violence as hundreds marched in the predominantly Jewish western part of Jerusalem...

Note the different treatment: there are significantly more Jews living in the eastern part of Jerusalem than there are Arabs living in the western part of Jerusalem yet Reuters refers to the former as "Arab East Jerusalem" and the latter as the "predominantly Jewish western part of Jerusalem".

Paging Dean Wright, we believe you have a problem

Photos published in Life Magazine in 1948 of Jewish Jerusalem
prior to, and following ethnic cleansing by the Arab Legion.

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