Monday, November 23, 2009

Jordan suffering public mismanagement and record debt levels; Reuters blames Israel

Reuters reports today that King Abdullah of Jordan has dissolved Parliament and called for early elections.  According to Reuters, no official reason was given for the decision but the Jordanian assembly "had been accused of inept handling of legislation".  Specifically:
Many politicians have accused Prime Minister Nader Dahabi's government of mismanagement as it grappled with the impact of the global downturn on the aid-dependent economy and a rise in public debt to record levels.
And who does Reuters insinuate is ultimately to blame for these difficulties?  Well of course, Israel:
King Abdullah had been counting on a new U.S. drive for Middle East peace, and the stalemate in Israeli-Palestinian relations is casting a shadow on a country a majority of whose six million citizens are of Palestinian origin.
A couple of weeks ago, Reuters was blaming Israel for the stark living conditions facing Gazans this winter.  Today, it's Jordan's political and economic crisis.

Sources tell us that Israel is also responsible for the firing of Katyusha rockets from Lebanon, Saudi attacks on Shiite rebels in Yemen, and although Reuters has yet to report on the phenomenon, turning day into night.  Details at 11.

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