Thursday, November 26, 2009

After stabbing two Jews, Palestinian terrorist is shot by Israeli soldier; Reuters refers to "gun attack"

If a Reuters ombudsman like Dean Wright would like to know why the public no longer trusts media organizations like Reuters to report the news accurately, he can check out this story appearing on the Reuters website today.  Correspondents Haitham Tamimi and Dan Williams report on an incident involving the knifing of two Jews in the community of Kiryat Arba near Hebron and lead with this headline: 
Three hurt in knife, gun attack at WBank settlement
Got that?  The shooting of an assailant who has just stabbed two people is characterized as a "gun attack" and conflated with the knifing.

Tamimi and Williams add:
Kiryat Arba abuts the Palestinian city of Hebron.
For those who may not be aware, Hebron is regarded by Jews as their second holiest city next to Jerusalem.  Further, the city remains formally unallocated to any people as per international law.  But  of course for Reuters, it's a "Palestinian" city.

Yes Mr. Wright, many of us do take a dim view of media. 

Photo of members of the Slonim family, murdered by Arabs in the 1929 Hebron massacre

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