Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Jeffrey Heller still suffering nightmares about Jewish property restored

In a story today about Jewish settlers challenging Israeli building inspectors in Kiryat Arba, Reuters' Jeffrey Heller and Allyn Fisher-Ilan hang an extreme left turn to this unrelated detour:
In East Jerusalem, scuffles erupted between Jewish settlers and Palestinians as the settlers cleaned part of a home an Israeli court has awarded them in what Palestinians say is part of a campaign to drive them out of the city. [italics, ours]
As we noted here and here, the homes in Jerusalem have been legally titled to the Jewish families, often for generations, and have been restored to their rightful owners by the Israel Supreme Court following years of legal battles.

In a transparent effort to belittle the authority of the ruling, Heller and Fisher-Ilan refer only to "an Israeli court" award -- rather than the Supreme Court -- and mischaracterize the Jewish owners as "settlers".  They then offer up an appeal to authority with a quote from UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon:
"Provocative actions such as these create inevitable tensions, undermine trust, often have tragic human consequences and make resuming negotiations and achieving a two state solution more difficult"
The fact is, the Court order is entirely justified within the framework of a liberal democracy.  And we wonder: would Ban ki-Moon or Jeffrey Heller or Allyn Fisher-Ilan allow squatters to usurp their homes and property so as to avoid "tensions"?  Somehow, we think not.

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