Thursday, December 24, 2009

The other news

In last week's installment of "The other news", we cited an article in Palestine Today reporting on Palestinian snipers firing at Egyptian security forces associated with the subterranean wall Egypt is building along its border with Gaza.  ANSAmed reports that on December 21:
in Rafah (south of Gaza) some 700 people joined a demonstration staged in this portion of Palestinian territory controlled by Hamas Islamic radicals to protest against the underground steel barrier planned by Egypt along the only section of the Gaza Strip border that is foreign to Israel. The protesters gathered in front of the so-called Saladins Door, near the Egyptian border, but not in front of the main Rafah pass. The crowd included local residents, local Hamas activists and even one of the movements spokespersons who arrived from Gaza City, Sami Abu Zahri, who requested a halt to work in progress and the dismantling of the section of the barrier that has already been built. During the gathering people chanted slogans inviting Egypt not to choke the people of Gaza and to help the Palestinian people, while others carried signs saying Stop the siege or Enough walls and invoked Arab solidarity
Apparently, Erika Solomon of Reuters was too busy doing her Christmas shopping in Bethlehem to attend the party at Saladin's Door or to notice the very unfestive wall on the Egypt-Gaza border.

                                                      Photos courtesy of Elder of Ziyon

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