Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reuters assumes its readers are blind or stupid

Writers and editors for Reuters frequently bend themselves out of shape to heap blame on Israel even when it is pitifully obvious that the Palestinians or Arab states are due the criticism.

In a story today drawn from an article appearing in the newspaper Ha'aretz, Reuters reports that Egypt is building an underground wall to block Palestinian smuggling tunnels.  Reuters writes:
Israeli daily Haaretz reported Egypt was installing an underground metal wall about 20 to 30 metres (70-100 feet) deep along the short border strip where Palestinians have dug a warren of tunnels to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

As in nearly all of its other stories on Palestinian smuggling tunnels, Reuters refers only to the "Israeli blockade" of Gaza.  While the last paragraph of the story indicates that Egypt "controls" the southern border of the strip, there is no explicit mention of the obvious: Egypt is blockading Gaza.  To admit this would be to admit that, 1) there is an alternative route (other than from Israel) for goods to pass into Gaza, and 2) Egypt frequently prohibits the entry of those goods.  Either of these admissions would distract from the Reuters anti-Israel narrative, i.e, Israel is responsible for what hardship exists in Gaza.

Can't have that.

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