Thursday, December 24, 2009

Reuters runs interference for Iran

In October, we noted how Reuters correspondents frequently parrot the Iranian line that the country is pursuing a nuclear program to generate power "to meet booming domestic demand" for electricity.  We demonstrated the, shall we say, implausibility of this notion based on the accelerating gap between electricity generation and electricity consumption in Iran over the last 20 years.

Lately, Reuters has put a new spin on Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology:
Iran says its uranium enrichment program is solely aimed at generating electricity so it can export more gas and oil.
Of course, having the ability to generate more power domestically via nuclear reactors would free up more gas and oil for export but the former (demonstrably specious) argument is really about being able to satisfy the consumption needs of a growing population whereas the latter argument is about increasing export revenues and thus, more difficult to discredit.

We await the next round of apologetics when Iran and Reuters will undoubtedly tell us that the theocracy is seeking nuclear power to fuel its space program.

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