Saturday, December 19, 2009

The other news

With Reuters correspondents perennially focused on the Israel-Palestinian conflict and violent incidents on the border between Gaza and Israel, it is sometimes easy to forget that Gaza also shares a border (and wall) with Egypt and that that border can be just as dangerous.  Translated from the original Arabic, the Palestine Today news agency reports:
Egyptian security sources said Egyptian security forces came under fire by Palestinian militants for the second time in three days, without the reported casualties among the soldiers.  According to security sources the shots were aimed at Egyptian soldiers fired from a sniper rifle from a high place on the Palestinian side neighborhood Brahmins border area with Egypt.
This is the second incident, which have been targeted by snipers from the Palestinian side of the border forces of Egypt, particularly after the target equipment for installation of the steel wall for three days and suffered five gunshot drilling machine caused the holes, while continuing to drilling equipment and installation of corrugated iron on the Egyptian side of its work under the state of security alert large Security Egyptian-Palestinian border and strengthen the border with more troops and armored vehicles.
The "steel wall" referred to is a 7-mile-long subterranean wall Egypt is building along the border with Gaza to prevent Palestinian smuggling.

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