Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reuters continues to suppress news of Hezbollah rearmament

As Lebanon continues to violate UNSCR 1701 by facilitating the massing of tens of thousands of Hezbollah missiles throughout the country, UNIFIL, the United Nations security force charged with assisting the Lebanese government in its obligation to prevent this rearmament continues to look the other way.  And the largest global news agency, Reuters, continues to run interference for Lebanon, UNIFIL, and Hezbollah by downplaying news of the rearmament and UNIFILs complicity in the same. 

Reuters is however, on the job when it comes to reporting on personal relations between UNIFIL and the modest folks in south Lebanon: 
Villagers in south Lebanon have blamed French peacekeepers for the recent confrontations in the south, saying their patrols had become provocative and intrusive, including taking photographs of people inside their houses. Some Western diplomats say Hezbollah was involved, which the group denies.
Not to worry however, we are now assured that things have been patched up and all is well:
A U.N. envoy to Lebanon said on Wednesday he believed trouble between U.N. peacekeepers and villagers in south Lebanon that has led to confrontations in recent weeks had now been sorted out...
"I can confirm that the situation in the south is now much better, that I believe that calm and stability have been returned," special coordinator for Lebanon Michael Williams told reporters after briefing the Security Council.
(Williams you may recall, was formerly UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon's personal representative to the PLO.)

Glad we got that little misunderstanding cleared up.

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