Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The other news

In a previous post, we noted the irony and dubious news judgment demonstrated by Reuters as the agency reported on a visit to Hollywood by Jordan's Queen Noor to promote a new documentary on the dangers of nuclear proliferation while turning a blind eye to news of her stepson, King Abdullah, racing to master the nuclear fuel cycle against the wishes of the United States.  Reuters finally reported on this development three weeks after The Wall Street Journal originally ran the story.

Now comes word that the US has threatened to cut aid to Jordan if Abdullah doesn't coordinate his nuclear program with Israel -- which he has thus far refused to do:
The American threat comes after Amman rejected Israeli demands to participate in extraction and enrichment of uranium, and Jordan's failure to obtain US approval for its nuclear plan, despite talks between the two parties, which lasted six months.
According to reports, the ultimatum was probably given to Amman days after US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton met with Jordanian Foreign Minister Nasser Judah.
Reuters has yet to pick up this important story.

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