Thursday, July 1, 2010

Reuters forgets a little something II

In a story on the arrest of one of the Hamasniks who has been ordered by the Israeli High Court to leave Jerusalem, Reuters correspondent Dan Williams calls attention to Israel's detention of other members of Hamas since the terrorist group took power in Gaza:
Abu-Teir was among dozens of Hamas politicians from Jerusalem and the West Bank that Israel rounded up in 2006 after the Islamist group, which rejects Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's peacemaking strategies, swept a legislative election.
Williams also cites Palestinian President Mahoud Abbas' indignant reaction to the prospect of the expulsions:
The plan to deport Abu-Teir, Attoun, fellow Hamas lawmaker lawmaker Muhammad Totah and former Hamas cabinet minister Khaled Abu Arafeh has been condemned by Abbas
What Williams doesn't say, is that Abbas' security forces have jailed without trial, nearly 1,000 Hamas supporters in "East Jerusalem" and the "West Bank" during the same period.  Many were tortured.

A part of Reuters' continuing effort to portray Israel as a brutal oppressor while neatly sanitizing Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority.

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