Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Trust Principles? What Trust Principles?

The Reuters/Palestinian propaganda machine is out in full force today.  In a story with accompanying slideshow about the death of a member of the terrorist group Islamic Jihad (affiliation unmentioned by Reuters) who had been preparing to fire a rocket into Israel, Reuters correspondents Saleh Salam, Tom Perry, and Allyn Fisher-Ilan report:
Cross-border violence has abated on the Israel-Gaza frontier since a major Israeli offensive in early 2009, but Israel has staged periodic assaults which it said were in response to rocket and mortar fire by militants in the coastal territory.
Note that while Reuters reports on attacks and injuries suffered by the Palestinian Arabs as a matter of fact, the antecedent rocket and mortar attacks perpetrated by the Palestinians are reported (when they are reported) merely as claims by Israel.

Apparently, a news bureau with 70+ journalists stationed in Jerusalem is completely unable to do its own fact-checking when it comes to Palestinian aggression.

Or to honor its Charter and Code of Ethics.

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