Monday, July 12, 2010

Reuters forgets a little something IV

Reuters reports that Germany has banned the International Humanitarian Relief Organization (IHH) from operating in the country due to its funding for Hamas.  What Reuters doesn't report is that the passengers on the Turkish-flagged ship Mavi Marmara who attempted to lynch the Israeli boarding party with knives and metal rods were members of the IHH.  

In over 500 stories published on its website since the incident, Reuters has maintained a strict blackout on the linkage we noted here, between the IHH and Islamic terror groups.  This, in a palpable effort to conceal the identity and true motives of the "activists" on board the ship.

Reuters neglects to mention something else:
Germany has staunchly supported Israel following the Nazi genocide of European Jews in World War Two and has strongly criticised Hamas, which Israel considers to be a terrorist organisation.
Hamas is of course, also classed as a terrorist organization by Germany and the rest of the EU.

UPDATE July 13, 2010: Reader Shai notes a Haaretz story asserting that IHH of Germany has "no connection to the Turkish group that organized the flotilla"; however, the Canadian Press reports that the two chapters were originally a single organization formed in Freiburg Germany.  The US State Department has confirmed that the Turkish IHH has links to Hamas and the organization is currently under review for designation as a terrorist group.

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