Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dan Williams blatantly lies about the Muslim Brotherhood's position on Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty

Reuters correspondent Dan Williams wants readers to believe:
Egypt's interim military rulers have repeatedly pledged to honour international obligations including the 1979 peace pact [with Israel], which marked the first Arab recognition of the Jewish state [...]
The [Egyptian Muslim] Brotherhood, whose Freedom and Justice Party controls the biggest bloc in parliament has regularly censured Israel for the way it deals with Palestinians - especially in the Gaza Strip, which is governed by kindred Hamas Islamists but it has echoed the interim military rulers' line on keeping the [Egyptian-Israeli peace] treaty.
Here's what the Brotherhood has actually said about the treaty:
According to Essam al-Erian, deputy head of the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party, the accords "are under the responsibility of the people and state institutions, and it would not be right for anyone to speak on behalf of the Egyptian people."
Speaking to the London-based Arabic newspaper Al-Hayat, al-Erian said, "We are not in a position to give assurances."
Rashad al-Bayoumi, the Brotherhood's second in command, told Al-Hayat last week that "the Muslim Brotherhood will not recognize Israel under any circumstances and might put the peace treaty with the Jewish state up to a referendum."
The Brotherhood, he added, "did not sign the peace accords… We are allowed to ask the people or the elected parliament to express their opinion on the treaty, and (to find out) whether it compromised the people's freedom and sovereignty. We will take the proper legal steps in dealing with the peace deal. To me, it isn't binding at all. The people will express their opinion on the matter."
It's difficult to believe Williams retains his press credentials.

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