Saturday, April 21, 2012

Iranian cleric insists on uranium enrichment, end to sanctions; Reuters trumpets breakthrough

Only a media company shilling for Iran could suggest the following reflects the regime is "softening its stance" in negotiations over its nuclear weapons program:
Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, secretary of the powerful Guardian Council, said the talks showed "success and progress" but added Tehran would break off the negotiations if Western countries carried on imposing sanctions while negotiating. [...]
Addressing Friday prayers, Jannati said the talks showed "success and progress", adding: "They (western countries) are ready to accept that enrichment is Iran's right," state media reported. He added Iranians needed assurances from the West that it would no longer be their enemy. "The West should lift sanctions against Iran but if they continue to insist on sanctions and then say they are negotiating with Iran, it is clear that this talks will be halted," he warned.
So, let's see if we have this right:

Speaking on behalf of the Iranian regime, a cleric threatens that Iran will terminate negotiations if sanctions are not removed while talks are ongoing, and that the world must accede to Iran's illicit uranium enrichment activities.

And this is represented by Reuters correspondent Marcus George as "a further sign of a changing attitude within the Iranian leadership". 

One can only wonder what an Iranian cleric would have to say for George to consider it a further sign of intransigence.

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