Monday, April 16, 2012


Our post just below reminded us of the extraordinarily superfluous staffing seen in Reuters Jerusalem Bureau and the ravenous appetite of those staffers for any morsel of news.

Thomson Reuters employs a total of 2,700 journalists across 200 news bureaus globally, 70 of whom are based in Jerusalem.  In a country of 7 million people, one-tenth of one percent of the world population, we would expect a representative crew of 2 journalists.

Rather, Reuters maintains an army 35 times that size, with every reporter, writer, editor, and photographer dependent for his or her living on getting a story or picture published by Reuters and its network of hundreds of media outlets.

With that kind of mad, competitive scramble for news combined with an institutionally-endorsed propaganda campaign targeting the Jews of Israel, one could well predict the enormous volume of biased rubbish produced by Reuters Jerusalem Bureau we see in an average week.

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