Sunday, April 8, 2012

Palestinian terrorist sues Reuters for defamation

Oh my.  All of Reuters former friends appear to be turning on the news agency.  First, Reuters is thrown out of Iran for headlining a story, "Thousands of female Ninjas train as Iran's assassins".  Now comes word that a Palestinian terrorist is suing the company:
Terrorist Salah Hamuri, who was convicted of planning to assassinate Rav Ovadia Yosef but was freed in the Shalit deal, has sued Reuters and Arutz Sheva over what he says was an interview that "besmirched his name and portrayed him in an unfavorable light." 
According to ICE, a site that specializes in Israeli media, Hamouri was arrested in 2005 on suspicion that he had planned to assassinate the former Chief Sephardic Rabbi and Shas's spiritual leader. In 2009 he was convicted and sent to seven years in jail. On December 18, 2011, Hamouri – who has French citizenship – was included in the Shalit deal after the French government interceded on his part.
A day after his release he was interviewed on Reuters by reporter Jihan Abdullah. On December 20, the interview was published and he was quoted as saying "I and my two friends were right to try and eliminate Rav Ovadia Yosef," and that the rabbi "deserves to die." [...] 
The lawsuit claims that the publication constituted libel, and came close to being a racist hate crime. Yunes demands 900,000 shekels compensation for his client, 300,000 of them for "dissemination of libel and damage to the plaintiff's good name in the eyes of the world's populace," and 500,000 shekels for "pain, suffering and sadness, psychological damage and anxiety."
Reuters has issued no comment but we understand the agency has promised the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine that it will never again question the good name of any of its operatives.

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