Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Reuters puff piece on Obama

The last we visited Reuters correspondent Steve Holland in September of 2009, he was positively giddy over Barack Obama's appearances before the UN and Group of 20 summit where, according to Holland, Obama:
... scored twin diplomatic coups on Friday, seizing the world stage to forge a new allied call for action against Iran and a framework for global economic growth."
Seven months later, we're not sure how that framework for global economic growth is going but we do know how meager have been Obama's accomplishments with respect to blocking Iran from consummating its nuclear weapons program.  Holland however, is still jiggling his Obama pom-poms:
Ending an unprecedented 47-nation nuclear security summit, Obama won pledges from world leaders to take joint action to prevent terrorist groups from getting nuclear weapons, steps he said will make the United States and the world safer.
Oh yes, Obama won a pledge from that reckless rogue regime in Canada to return spent nuclear fuel to the US.  But the summit did not produce any enforcement mechanism to prevent terrorist groups from obtaining nuclear materials and on Iran, which of course did not attend the summit, Obama could not even persuade the Chinese to commit to new sanctions.  For Holland, that is less of an issue than the "tangible dividend" of Mexico agreeing to convert a research reactor from highly enriched uranium to low-enriched uranium because after all:
Tehran denies trying to develop an atomic weapon, saying it wants peaceful nuclear power for electricity.
Yes, we've heard that somewhere before.

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