Monday, April 19, 2010

Douglas Hamilton busted

In our post on Saturday, we noted Reuters correspondent Nidal al-Mughrabi's violation of the Reuters Handbook of Journalism when he attempts to cloak Hamas' genocidal aims in the euphemism "armed resistance".  In a story today, Reuters correspondent Douglas Hamilton adopts the same ploy:
Israel's 2005 gamble on a withdrawal from Gaza went sour when power was seized by the Islamist movement Hamas, champions of a policy of armed resistance that has split the Palestinian independence movement to its foundations, and enemies of Abbas.
And with a line that, based on precedence, has almost certainly been written by or borrowed from Reuters correspondent Tom Perry, Hamilton wants readers to believe:
While rejecting any return to organized violence, Abbas will not resume talks suspended for the past 15 months until Israel halts all settlement building...
As we've noted several times, Abbas most assuredly does not reject a return to violence; indeed, he has said (in Arabic) that the only reason the Palestinians under his authority are not presently pursuing it is because they can't succeed with it but "maybe in the future, things will be different".

Nudge nudge; wink wink.  Say no more Doug.

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