Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Once again, Reuters blames Israel for Palestinian intransigence

Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority effectively ended peace talks with Israel during the final months of the Olmert government and have refused to resume negotiations since the election bringing Binyamin Netanyahu to power.  Abbas (assisted by President Barack Obama) initially insisted that Netanyahu agree to the "two-state solution".  He did.  Then, it was a demand for further concessions in the form of a settlement freeze.  Netanyahu agreed for everywhere but Jerusalem.  Then it was a request from the US for Israel to release Fatah prisoners and a further easing of travel for Palestinians in Judea and Samaria (also, the "West Bank").  Again Netanyahu complied.  Still, the Palestinians refuse to come back to the negotiating table.

But for Reuters, it is only and always Israel which is responsible for "stalled peace talks":
U.S.-led peace moves have been stymied by a dispute over Jewish settlement construction on occupied land that has strained ties between Washington and its close ally Israel... The Obama administration has tried to get Israel and the Palestinians to launch indirect peace talks but has made scant headway. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave little ground in White House talks with Obama last month.
As for the Palestinians, Reuters correspondent Matt Spetalnick effectively apologizes for their intransigence when he cites "divisions" amongst them as the reason for their refusal to return to negotiations.  Is Spetalnick referring to the even more vociferous intransigence of Hamas?  He doesn't say.  Nor are we told precisely how those "divisions" (Hamas) are preventing Abbas from saying "yes" to negotiations now when he was able to say yes while building was proceeding in Jerusalem under the Olmert government 16 months ago.

So many logical inconsistencies, so few picas -- easier to simply blame Israel.

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