Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spetalnick & Co. omit quotation marks, parrot Arab propaganda

In a story on US "concern" over reports of Syria transferring scud missiles to the terrorist group Hezbollah, Reuters correspondent Matt Spetalnick and a host of additional writers quote cite parrot Syria's reply to the report:
But Syria's embassy in Washington dismissed the charge as an Israeli attempt "to divert global attention" from settlement construction, its occupation of Arab land, its assumed nuclear arsenal and its "continuous arming" with U.S. weaponry.
Note the selective quotes around portions of the reply ("to divert global attention") with a quotation mark-free parroting of the Arab rhetoric, occupation of Arab land.  This is a direct violation of the Reuters Handbook of Journalism which specifically proscribes:
We must not parrot any loaded expressions used by our sources, except in quotes and official titles.
For Reuters, it's a given that Israel occupies Arab land so the agency simply parrots this loaded language.

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