Tuesday, April 13, 2010

They're ba-a-ack!

Well the holiday is over and correspondents from Reuters Middle East Bureau are back with more broken boilerplate.  In a story on a clash between the Israel Defense Forces and Palestinian Islamic Jihad on the Gaza border, Reuters reporter Nidal al-Mughrabi embeds language that has been similarly seeded within literally hundreds of Reuters stories over the last 15 months:
Hamas has largely held its fire since a costly three-week war with Israel in the opening days of 2009 in which some 1,400 Palestinians, mainly civilians, and 13 Israelis, mostly soldiers, were killed.
The casualty figures provided are actually disputed, drawn from a war fought over a year ago, and largely irrelevant to al-Mughrabi's story.  Yet Reuters cunningly employs the propaganda technique of repetition to sear the numbers and corresponding allusion to Israeli wantonness into the subconscious of its readers.

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