Thursday, April 8, 2010

Protecting a sister?

Reuters correspondent Jeffrey Heller reports on the lifting of a media publication ban in Israel associated with the arrest of Anat Kamm for espionage.  Kamm is accused of giving 2,000 classified military documents to Uri Blau, a reporter for the newspaper Ha'aretz.  After suggesting that the ban was lifted following "a public outcry over press freedom", Heller provides a platform for Kamm's spokesman:
A spokesman for Kamm, now a journalist, said she was motivated by moral concerns in leaking the documents.  She could face life imprisonment if convicted of espionage.  "Anat is not a member of any political group and she does not want anyone to use her plight to further their cause," spokesman, Nissim Dwek, told Israel's Channel 10 TV. "State security has not been harmed and there was no intent to harm state security," he said.
By contrast, Heller quotes no Israeli legal, intelligence, or military sources detailing the nature and scope of the documents stolen and leaked by Kamm.  In a more forthcoming and balanced report, the Jerusalem Post cites Israel's security service Shin Bet:
The documents contained top secret information concerning General Staff orders, personnel numbers in the Central Command, intelligence information, information on the IDF doctrine and data pertaining to central sensitive military exercises, weaponry and military platforms. The files also contained details on what the Central Command does in the event of a major escalation – how it deploys forces to the West Bank and where it stations them there.
Hmm... equipped with details omitted by Heller, a reader might draw a somewhat different conclusion as to the motives and damage done by Kamm than the benign notion peddled by Kamm's spokesman Nissim Dwek.

And incidentally, while Dwek insists that Kamm is not a member of any political group and did not intend to harm Israel's security, Dwek himself is a spokesman for the NGO Sikkuy which, as a signatory to the Haifa Declaration, is committed to the abolition of Israel as a Jewish state.

It's a small world.

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